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Nowadays MCE Mezclas Caucho has 4 Banbury Lines. Three of them are dedicated to the mixtures with Carbon Black, equipped with automatic dosing system of Carbon Black and plasticizing oils and computer controlled validation of rubbers and minor products. The fourth line, totally isolated from the others, is used for the production of light colored rubbers.

All production lines are equipped with a Batch Off system at the end that allows flexibility in the final finishing of the rubber mixtures for obtaining different presentations. Wig Wag, endless strip, slabs and calendered rubber that can be perfored and dusted as per customer request.


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Who we are?

MCE MEZCLAS CAUCHO is a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of technical rubber compounds and masterbach for third parties. MCE supplies both own developed compounds and specific formulations tailored to our customers.


Our machinery offers great flexibility with regards to the final presentation of the rubber compound, allowing us to provide our customers with our products presented as

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